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It is our strong belief that, in the 21st century, effective access and utilization of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) is critical to the success of any business. To achieve this we design a solution that perfectly meets your specifications. The whole process engages the two parties where exchange of information is made, coming up with a solution that both parties understand well. DataPath Systems hopes to play a great role in helping you plan for your future. Our goal is to make this technology simple for you to use and avail you the freedom to manage your IT Network independently.


At DataPath, we provide reliable, secure solutions for satellite earth terminal communications to support your ever-changing and growing business needs.

We can customize a satellite network solution for your business despite the complexity or scale of your connectivity challenges. We design our solutions to be flexible and adaptable, and we support the full spectrum of commercial satellite frequencies.

So, whether you're a high Internet user, a television network distributing programming to hundreds of affiliates or a Fortune 100 company distributing training to hundreds of sales offices, DataPath can bring you the powerful, non-stop connectivity your business demands.

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