DataPath Systems was registered in the year 2002 for the purpose of giving the most needed customer service in this field of Telecommunications and Office Solutions. It was a group idea driven by the desire to offer quality and timely customer service, which was lacking in the market. The idea of a client having to wait for days to get service was too much for us hence the birth of DataPath Systems.

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The proponents of this idea are true Kenyans who have worked in various Telecommunications and Customer Care Companies who understand the needs of the customer and have a wide technical knowledge having been factory trained on various Telecommunications, Data Equipments and an assortment of Office Equipments. They are backed by a vast experience in office solutions and customer service gained after many years of service in Kenya and most of the African countries North and South of the equator.

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DataPath Systems is a 100% Kenyan owned company with 100% Kenyan Staff including Sales and Technical Staff. The Technical team is Alcatel Factory trained and can handle all Alcatel Range of Products having worked in or with different telecommunication companies in Kenya and many other countries in Africa. Many clients are happier today than they have been in a long time - and with good reason! They have experienced the total customer satisfaction that is a trademark of DataPath Systems.